Begnas Lake

This time we will take you to Begnas lake.Pokhara is popularly known to be the city of lakes. The second largest lake of the town, Begnas lake is a freshwater lake surrounded by dense green forest. It is located in south eastern side of the valley and is almost 16 kilometer away from Lakeside, Pokhara. Volume of water in the lake fluctuates as per the season due to rainfall. The lake water is not only used for recreational activities like boating, swimming but also used for irrigation and fishery also. The water level is maintained through a dam in western outlet which was built in 1998 AD.

There are few resorts around the lake. Swampy areas around it, many of which have been converted to paddy fields. The picturesque view of Mansulu Himal and Panoromic view of Annapurna range is seen from the lake while boating or hiking in and around the lake. Boating in the lake in traditional manual boat is very popular among the visitors which can be rented for an hour or for the whole day, with and without driver. Even one can enjoy fishing as well. Lake is very quiet as there are almost no crowds except few visitors and regular locals because the lake is rarely discovered by the tourists. It’s a nice escape from the hustle of the town.One can row a boat across the lake and then walk up to a viewpoint where wonderful view over Begnas and another lake can be seen.

Begnas Tal is rarely visited yet beautiful and unspoiled. It's great for hiking, swimming, canoeing, camping, or visiting the famous meditation retreat for a Bipassana course.